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When can clubs return to full contact rugby?
We have carefully considered the preparation period required after a long lay-off. We have taken advice from medics, coaches, directors of rugby and players within the community game to create the below pathway:

Adult Rugby
The updated rugby roadmap below

Monday 19 July
Scrums and mauls can be re-instated in training only.
A minimum 3-week preparation period of training sessions follows ahead of match play.
Coaches are reminded that they are responsible for working with all players to assess their physical readiness and technical competence before returning to scrummaging. Players may be at different levels of fitness and conditioning. See below guidance for returning to scrummaging safely.
Coaches must be satisfied that players have undertaken sufficient technical preparation, skill refinement and reconditioning work before returning to full contact match play.
Internal training games are allowed between Monday 19 July and Saturday 7 August. Training games should include an incremental approach to scrummaging and coaches should rotate players every 20 minutes. Clubs should not return to match intensity full contact 15 a-side training games immediately.

Saturday 7 August
Full contact 15-a-side and 10-a-side rugby matches, with scrums and mauls, may resume against other clubs from, and not before, Saturday 7 August.
It is the choice of clubs and players whether they wish to compete in full contact matches from Saturday 7 August. There is no pressure to do so.
Teams that do not yet feel ready for full contact 15s have the option of playing 7s, 10s, XRugby or 15-a-side rugby with uncontested scrums.

Saturday 4 September
Full contact 15-a-side league rugby commences for Men’s Levels 3 and 4, and for 14-team men’s leagues in Levels 5 and below.

Saturday 18 September
Full contact 15-a-side league rugby commences for 12 and 10 league men’s teams in London & SE.

Saturday 25/Sunday 26 September
Full contact 15-a-side- rugby commences for majority of women’s competitions.

Global Law Trials
The Global Law trial laws for next season have been released by World Rugby and are on their website.

For the avoidance of doubt, Sevens fixtures can return with full laws from Monday 19 July.

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