WRFC takes seriously its policy that all of its young players are allowed to play rugby in a safe environment and will take whatever steps are necessary to achieve this.
Each and every club member must also play their part by reading and observing the club’s safeguarding policies and the Codes of Conduct. It is important that you report to me any incident of “bad practice” or behaviour which may fall short of the standard expected by club members, or by any visitors to the club, in order that the appropriate steps may be taken.
For a club of its size, WRFC has an excellent disciplinary and safeguarding record and is seen as a beacon of excellence. We must continue to lead by example.
If you need to contact us please use safeguardingofficer@winchesterrugby.com

We will be happy to speak with you, in confidence if need be, regarding any matter.

Please see attached Codes of Conduct for; 

  • Coaches : Click HERE
  • Players : Click HERE
  • Parents: Click HERE
  • Spectators: Click HERE
  • Match Officials: Click HERE

The RFU has published various policies and guidance relating to Safeguarding matters
WRFC remains committed to ensuring that the terms of these policies and guidance are observed.
These are as follows:

  • The Welfare of Young People In Rugby Union : Click HERE
  • RFU Policies and Procedures : Click HERE
  • Winchester RFC Safeguarding Policy : Click HERE
  • NSPCC Managing Challenging Behaviour : Click HERE
  • Guidance on Website and Mobile Telephone Communication : Click HERE
  • Photographic Policy : Click HERE
  • Photographic Policy Statement : Click HERE
  • WRFC First Aid Policy : Click HERE
  • WRFC Coaching Policy: Click HERE
  • WRFC Kit Equip Policy; Click HERE
  • WRFC Playing out of Age Grade Policy: Click HERE
  • RFU Guidance on Head injuries - HEADCASE HERE