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Rugby union is frequently described as a game for all, and good governance is the key to ensuring that all involved in the sport here at WRFC are appropriately and fairly represented. The leadership team here at WRFC & the Rugby Football Union, believes that the need for good governance within our club has seldom been clearer.

Governance encompasses the areas of club operations, discipline, safeguarding, club support, regulations, insurance & GDPR, and good governance at every level is crucial in ensuring that the sport of rugby union is run openly, fairly, and safely for the good of all and that the clubs’ integrity and standing is protected to ensure your enjoyment as a member or visitor to our club.

So, whether your interest lies with our conventional 15 a-side games, our famous sevens tournament, or in starting out or coming back to rugby, putting good governance at its heart will ensure greater enjoyment and a better game for all. We welcome any contact, suggestions and support in improving supporting the continuous improvement journey of governance in the club.

If you need to, please contact the Club Safeguarding Officer.


Children are the lifeblood of Winchester Rugby Football Club and it is crucial that they are cared for in the correct manner. Any player under the age of 18 is classed as a child and should be respected as such.

To provide children with the best possible experiences and opportunities at the club, it is imperative that everyone operates within an accepted ethical framework and demonstrates exemplary behaviour. This not only ensures the game makes a positive contribution to the development of children, safeguards them and promotes their welfare but also protects all personnel from allegations of abuse or poor practice.

We hold Safeguarding in the highest priority at the club, and our leadership team is focused on ensuring correct policies and procedures are followed and match the Hampshire RFU and the RFU guidance.

If you need to, please contact the Club Safeguarding Officer.


WRFC takes seriously its policy that all its young players can play rugby in a safe environment and will take whatever steps are necessary to achieve this. Every club member must also play their part by reading and observing the club’s safeguarding policies and the Codes of Conduct. It is important that you report to me any incident of “bad practice” or behaviour which may fall short of the standard expected by club members, or by any visitors to the club, in order that the appropriate steps may be taken. For a club of its size, WRFC has an excellent disciplinary and safeguarding record and is seen as a beacon of excellence. We must continue to lead by example.

We will be happy to speak with you, in confidence if need be, regarding any matter.

If you need to, please contact the Club Safeguarding Officer.


Please see attached Codes of Conduct Policy for all members & visitors

  • RFU code of rugby
  • Coaches: 
  • Players:
  • Parents:
  • Spectators:
  • Match Officials:
  • Administrators/Committee


Sometimes behaviour or events can fall short and through regular communication with your club representatives, and a spirit that all parties are encouraged to voice their opinion, then our hope as a leadership team is that we hope that the need to complain may never arise.

Coaches, Coordinators and other Club Representatives can often be found in the bar after training sessions or matches as this is the usual venue to discuss matters involving their age group or your compliant in an informal manner. They are all open and approachable, and all representatives shall treat any issue or compliant with the correct attitude and understanding that is expected of a Winchester RFC Coaches, Coordinators and other Club Representatives and as descried in Winchester RFC codes of conduct.

Our Representatives will be happy to arrange one-to-one sessions to discuss issues outside of the match or training session times or in an environment outside of the Club premises. Your comments are always welcome, especially when made in a constructive manner away for the high emotions of the touchline.


Winchester Rugby Football Club (WRFC) is committed to best practise and the delivery of high quality work always. We are committed to equal inclusion and opportunities and aims to offer a safe and secure environment where Players, Parents, Coaches, Staff Volunteers and other Club Representatives cooperate in the shared goal of promoting the charter, ethics, ethos, attitude and skills of the game of rugby football and in accordance with RFU/IRB and the law.

As a Club that promotes openness and honesty, and that has a desire for continuous development and improve, we acknowledge that there may be occasions when our level of service falls short of that which can be reasonably expected by our members (as outlined in the Club Rules, Members Handbook/Code of Conduct and displayed in the club bar)

In this case there must be afforded to all member, affiliate or employee an avenue for opinions and complaints to be heard (however serious).and on these occasions, we would like to be informed as soon as possible so any grievance and complaints can be managed in a defined procedure that allows Members (including Players, Parents and Coaches), Spectators, volunteers or visitors to raise complaints about any perceived issue (example shown under Types of Complaints).


If you have a complaint about the behaviour of a member of WRFC or its staff. Then please look at our complaints handling policy and follow the procedure. Any complaint will be taken seriously.

If you need to, please contact the Club Safeguarding Officer.

If you wish to submit the compliant anonymously to a special committee team for review without Informal Communication with coaches or committee members (as above) then please contact the Club Safeguarding Officer. or submit a complaint form in writing directly.


The GDPR gives individuals several rights in relation to their data. Further detail is set out in the GDPR Policy. Our Policy directly links to the RFU Governance section in GDPR templates and practises for clubs as we use the RFU GMS systems. Please find our policy in essential reading

If you would like to make a Subject Access Request in respect of data held by WRFC then please contact the Club Safeguarding Officer


The RFU has published various policies and guidance relating to Safeguarding matters: 

  • Club Statement and Policy Introduction
  • WRFC Rules
  • WRFC Codes of Conduct
  • Winchester RFC Safeguarding Policy 
  • The Welfare of Young People in Rugby Union 
  • RFU Policies and Procedures
  • NSPCC Managing Challenging Behaviour 
  • Guidance on Website and Mobile Telephone Communication
  • Photographic Policy 
  • Photographic Policy Statement
  • WRFC First Aid Policy 
  • WRFC Coaching Policy 
  • WRFC Kit Equip Policy; 
  • WRFC Playing out of Age Grade Policy 
  • RFU Guidance on Head injuries - HEADCASE
  • Complaints Policy 2018
  • GDPR